posted by: Best Western Premier Freeport Inn & Suites on: February 11, 2019

Photo by PXhere

Winter can be boring… unless you’re in Calgary! We’re great at keeping the winter months as exciting as a tropical vacay. Come visit for some great winter experiences!


It’s time for another completely Calgarian bit of winter fun: the Human Bonspiel! Like curling but with a whole lot less sweeping and a whole lot more of hurling yourself headfirst down the ice, this ridiculous and ridiculously fun event is the memorable winter experience you didn’t know you needed. Put together a team of three and get ready to HURRY HARD!

With dates throughout late February and early March, there are plenty of opportunities to play! Check out the schedule here and maybe even book a time to watch the best of the “best” compete in the finals!


Maple syrup is purely Canadian – there’s a reason the Canadian flag features a maple leaf! In the same way, tire d’erable, the “maple taffy” made from pouring warm maple syrup on French snow is purely French-Canadian! It’s something to look forward to every year, and if you’ve never tried it, then the Calgary Festival Des Sucres is your chance!

The Calgary Maple Festival des Sucres is produced by the ACFA Calgary, a non-profit organization that promotes French Canadian culture around the world. Taking place at Heritage Park, the Festival takes place March 3 and 4 and lets you learn about maple syrup and its production, participate in fun events that teach you about French-Canadian and Metis culture (including live music), and of course, enjoy classically prepared maple taffy.

Of course, if you’re going to be out in the cold you want someplace warm and comfy to come back to. That’s where the Best Western Premier Freeport Inn & Suites come in. Our luxurious rooms are the ideal place to relax after a long day of braving the elements in the name of adventure! Start planning your trip and book a room today
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