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January’s cold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t warm up by getting down on the dance floor! Come see some of these upcoming concerts to get your blood pumping enough you’ll feel like you’ve caught a chinook heat wave!


One of the foremost musicians of Britain’s blues explosion in the 60s where he played with the Jon Dummer Blues Band, Tramp, and The Blues Band, Dave Kelly has been wowing audiences with his spectacular guitar playing for over fifty years. Every second of that experience is clear whenever he hits the stage, singing soulful songs while his slide flies over the frets. He’s coming to Calgary on December 9 at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Tickets are available here – and trust me, if you have any love for the blues, this is a “can’t miss.”


There’s not beating the melodrama of a classic soap opera if you want a bit of a guilty pleasure – except maybe a live soap opera, set in 1940s Hollywood with all the drama of the infamous Sunset Studios! Dirty Laundry Theatre presents the continuing story of these actors and directors and their lives, loves and deaths every Monday at The Lunchbox Theatre. The best part? Every show is completely improvised, leading to completely wild and ridiculous stories that you’ll love to be a part of. And don’t worry if you’ve never been before – each show is designed with new audience members in mind, so it’s easy to jump in and experience the fun! Find out more here!


Operatic pop group The Tenors all come from Canada, but they’re renowned all over the world for their operatic pop music. They’ve performed for Oprah with Celine Dion, opened the Vancouver Winter Olympics, and even performed for the Queen – and on December 13 they will be at the Southern Alberta Jublilee Auditorium. Get tickets here!

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