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You probably haven’t heard of Waynefest. In fact, it’s only web presence has this to say about it: 

“rebirth noun
re·birth Definition of rebirth
1a: a new or second birth
b: spiritual regeneration
From the ashes of fallen festivals comes a spark of hope. An elite gathering of higher thinkers, freedom enthusiasts and travellers of the sonic highways.
Waynefest will be re-born.

That’s… not very helpful. At least, if you didn’t already know the history of Waynefest.
Originally hosted in a small town called Wayne here in Alberta, Waynefest was the ultimate local music festival. Only 500 tickets were sold for the event, and the line between “performer” and “attendee” was totally thin.

The first Waynefest was held in 2002 and was meant to be a one-time deal. However, people liked it so much that they did it the next year. Then the next year. Then the next. All in all, it ran for six years before calling it quits in 2007.

A little bit Woodstock, a little bit Burning Man and a whole lot great Canadian music, Waynefest was a series of contradictions. It was the most intense but still low-key party you’ve ever been to. It was a music festival that felt like a house party. It was secret but also legendary.

Some of Canada’s favourite acts have performed at Waynefest over the years: NQ Arbuckle, Wendy McNeill, Melissa McClelland, Danny Michel, Kris Demeanor, Elliott Brood, Painting Daisies, Melissa Majeau, Brock Skywalker, The James Murdoch Band, The Wailin' Jennys, Carolyn Mark, Luke Doucet, The Cash Brothers, Plaid Tongued Devils, Captain Tractor, Corb Lund and many more. Who knows who’ll be at this one? Someone good, that’s for sure. Someone you’ll want to have a beer with.

That’s why the release of tickets for Waynefest’s rebirth in Calgary is so hush hush – because everyone involved wants to keep the beautiful secrecy of the original event. But we’ll let you in on it, because we think you’ll love it.

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