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Looking for something to do indoors now that the weather is cold? Check out these amazing shows in Calgary!


Alberta has a number of world-class skiing resorts nestled in the Rock. Sunshine, Lake Louise, Castle Mountain… the list goes on. Albertans have a real affinity for the beauty of snow and wide open skies. That’s why one of the most famous ski film festivals in the world comes from the town of Banff.
You can’t ski all day, though – so when you’re done, it’s time to appreciate the beauty of the mountain in a different way. The Banff International Mountain Film Festival features the best skiing films in the world, bringing their sweeping shots of powdered vistas and daredevil antics from the most fearless skiers and snowboarders who have ever lived. Also featured are documentaries on adventure tourism across the globe, and the achievements of men and women who never let nerves stop them from chasing the next great adrenaline high.

These are exciting, pulse-pounding films that should not be missed. Takes place January 17-20 and 23-28.


Tetsuro Shigematsu is a Canadian icon, having hosted CBC Radio’s The Roundup and written for This Hour Has 22 Minutes. He is an acclaimed writer and storyteller who is able to breathe life into portrayals of the Asian Canadian experience.

In his one-man show, Empire of the Sun, he tells the story of his relationship to his father, delving deep into the past to the ruins of Hiroshima after the war to the swinging streets of London in the 1960s to create a sympathetic portrayal of the man he shares a complicated relationship with. It’s a powerhouse piece of theatre, and you should definitely check it out Jan 16-28!

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