posted by: Best Western Premier Freeport Inn & Suites on: June 21, 2019


It’s time again for the Calgary Folk Festival! That’s right, on July 25-28, dozens of incredible acts will take to the stage in a beautiful outdoor music festival in Calgary’s Prince’s Island Park.

There’s something really transfixing about a folk festival. If you’ve ever been to a rock festival like Coachella or Bumbershoot, you know that they can be incredibly exciting, but also exhausting. That many people out in the sun, bumping into each other, sweating, not drinking enough water… It’s a good time, but it’s definitely a young person’s game.

Folk festivals have the excitement of those rock concerts, but are a decidedly more relaxed affair. Think folding chairs and lawn blankets, packed picnics and great music in a beautiful setting. The Calgary Folk Festival is no exception – it’s incredible, and incredibly polite.

This year’s lineup includes dozens of amazing acts. You may or may not have heard of them all, but that’s okay – the whole point of a folk festival isn’t to see the people you already know but to discover incredible new sounds that you’ll cherish forever after.

Here are some acts we’re excited to see, though, if you need a bit more reason to attend!

The Harpoonist & Axe Murderer: These Vancouver-based duo have been turning heads for nearly a decade now with their blues-infused, slow-burning rock sound. Imagine a slightly more downbeat Black Keys and you’re on the right track.

Iskwé: A Juno award-winning artist, Iskwé combines elements of traditional First Nations music with contemporary electronic sounds, creating soaring melodies and deep grooves.

Belle & Sebastian: These British progenitors of the “chamber pop” sound were some of the first to combine whip-smart lyrics with the rich sounds of strings. If you’ve never heard them before prepare to meet your new favourite band!

There are so, so many more coming and we can’t wait.

If you can’t wait either, booking a room at the Best Western Premier Freeport Inn & Suites for the festival will help! We’re centrally located so it’s easy to get to and from the Prince’s Island Park, and we’re a heck of a lot more comfortable that a festival tent!
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