posted by: BW PREMIER Freeport Inn & Suites on: November 28, 2017

2017 is on its way out, and 2018 is marching in! Celebrate the New Year by coming to Calgary!
Why? Ask anyone. Calgary knows how to PARTY. Just check out some of these upcoming events to have a blast on New Year’s Eve!


This is a party for EVERYONE! Olympic Plaza in Calgary will host a world class ENMAX fireworks show to usher in 2018! You haven’t seen fireworks until you’ve seen an ENMAX show – they really know how to light up the night, so don’t miss out.

Leading up to the fireworks there will be live music, including local acts Amy Hef, Ghostkeeper, Lovebullies, and Mocking Shadows (an appropriate band for a fireworks show if ever there was one)! We’ve got opportunities for dancing of all kinds, from linedancing to samba, ice carving, ice skating, food vendors and more. It’s going to be an electrifying night for the whole family. Find out more here!


Be honest. Does staying up until midnight force you to stifle a yawn? Have you not made it past nine o’clock on a weeknight in years? Don’t worry. Calgary’s got you.

The Telus Spark Centre is hosting a very special event on December 31: Noon Year’s Eve, the party for those of us with an early bedtime. The afternoon will be ushered in with a Hydrogen balloon explosion display, and culminate in a “bubble wrap dance party” where a whole dance floor is covered in bubble wrap for you to stamp, stomp, dance and cavort upon. I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like THE BEST TIME EVER. Find out more here!

If you’re looking for a less “family-friendly” New Year’s activity, don’t worry: Calgary is renowned for its pubs and clubs. You won’t have to go far to have a night you’ll never forget!

Whatever brings you to Calgary, know that you’ll get a good night’s rest at the Best Western Premier Freeport Inn and Suites Calgary.
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